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At Thor Home Inspections, we offer a variety of home inspection services to meet your needs. In addition to home inspections, we offer Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections, WETT Inspections and Tarion Home Inspections. Please take a moment to review the four different service tab options to determine which one is best for you. Please do not hesitate to call if you require more information or clarification 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Protect your investment. Arguably the largest purchase individuals make is a home. Most home buyers (especially first time home owners) have little to no experience of home construction, maintenance and proper grading. Hire an accredited home inspector so that you can be assured the systems and components of your home meet our inspection standards. 

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Pre-Listing Inspections

Peace of mind! Prepare your home to get the optimal price. Remove any doubt about the condition of the systems and components of your home. A Pre – Listing inspection will assure that your home is ready for sale.

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New Home Inspections

Do not assume because you are purchasing a new home that your builder will complete every aspect of your home to meet the standards of practice. We recommend you conduct a New Home Inspection prior to closing and prior to the warranty expiration. Sometimes builders miss deficiencies. Having your newly constructed home inspected by a qualified, third-party home inspector helps make sure your new home is in the condition it should be, from the first day you move in. This will ensure all of the systems and components meet the standards of practice.


Maintenance Inspections

A Maintenance Inspection is a thorough inspection of a home and property, ideally done every three to five years. It helps homeowners invest in renovations and maintenance projects that maintain or increase the value of their home and property.



Having renovations done on your home can be stressful and inconvenient, especially when you cannot be present. Have a home inspector review the progress of the renovation and provide you with up to date reports with recommendations


Other Inspections

Legal dispute inspection

Problem Solving Inspection