Home Inspection

Thor Home Inspection Process

During a Pre-Purchase inspection, the client will be exposed to a very large amount of information, which can be overwhelming.  We suggest the balance of this section be read by all potential clients.

 Who Should Attend The Pre-Purchase Home Inspection?

The Purchaser must attend the full Pre-Purchase home inspection. This will allow the purchaser to understand the benefits and possible limitations/implications of the inspection. Buyers (especially first time buyers) may  want to have  another knowledgeable family member attend, which is completely acceptable. It is important that the purchaser reads through the Visual Inspection Contract in its entirety and ask for clarification of any section.

The current Home Owner is not part of the Home Inspection and should not be present unless the home is being sold privately by the Owner or it is a Pre-Sale transaction. This enables an environment where the purchaser and inspector can talk openly.

The Realtor in most jurisdictions must attend the home inspection unless the client specifically has requested otherwise. It is beneficial to have the Realtor present should any issues arise. The Inspector can explain the issues first hand.

The inspection process is intense and the Inspector requires the full attention of the Client. It is not the time to involve contractors, decorators, friends or others.

Site Prep Procedure

The home owner should be notified by the Realtor or Client in advance of the inspection that:

  • Animals should be in a cage or absent

  • Home owner should be absent

  • The Inspector will require free access to all parts of the house including the electrical panel;  furnace; attic entrance; garage

  • Power may be turned off during inspection


  • We (as the inspector) receive your request  (as the Client)

  • Client information is entered into the inspection system 

  • Contract and any attachments are sent to the Client for review and acceptance

  • Client accepts, system is updated and the inspection is confirmed

  • Inspector arrives with agent prior to Client and starts unloading tools and may start inspection

  • Client arrives. Greeting and signing of the contract if not done electronically

  • Inspection can commence, may be in progress or may be near completion

    • Exterior first

    • Interior starting from basement

    • Physical inspection completed

  • At the end of the inspection, a summary is prepared and presented on site. Payment is made on site or through our report system prior to release of the final report

  • After the inspection, the inspector completes and releases the report for emailing the completed package to Client. The completed package contains:

    • Thank you letter

    • Final invoice

    • Finalized Contract

    • Inspection report printout

    • A copy of the Standards of Practice

    • A copy of an article “When Things Go Wrong”

    • Reference Library with links (file version)


For those who do not have internet access, a hardcopy of the completed report will be mailed within three business days along with a CD containing an Adobe version of the report!